Venturing into the endless pit of speculation 

by Stephanie Li 
London, ON 
A list of observations gleaned from my hypothetical crystal ball.
1. Fully expecting sunshine and rainbows to appear sporadically and disappear without warning.

2. Currently undecided as to whether the world is going to combust.

3. Wondering if my generation is ever going to achieve financial security.

4. Knowing that I will still be completely inept at cooking.

5. Figuring out what happiness means to me.

6. Coming to terms with the fact that I will still be reading Haruki Murakami’s 1Q84.

7. Excited for the re-emergence of life’s little moments.

8. Fervently praying that our new reality doesn’t become a Black Mirror episode.

9. Trusting my gut and relying on myself.

10. Continuing to search for the lessons that the world is trying to teach me.

11. Hoping that people show a little more kindness to one another.

12. Trying not to inject cynicism into my thoughts and actions.

13. Implementing my learnings from Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now.

14. Getting better at reconnecting with people.

15. Writing without reservation and self-doubt, because my stories are important.

16. Learning to just simply be.

--- Stephanie Li was born and raised in London, ON, where she is currently quarantining with her family. After obtaining a business degree, she moved to Toronto to pursue a career in communications. From a young age, Stephanie has always been passionate about reading and writing, which has translated into her current role as a full-time storyteller (a.k.a. public relations consultant) for individuals and organizations. In her spare time, Stephanie enjoys watching foreign-language TV shows and movies, playing the piano and practicing yoga. Instagram: @stephgkli

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