by Joeyanne Cheung
Toronto, ON

24 hours
Time tosses endlessly
Conversations blend into static
Contact, a reminiscence
Technology becomes the sole lens to view reality
Morale redefining rock bottom
Dwindling optimism fuels depression
A reality none sought
Yet penetrated its disruption across nations
Dawn merges into dusk
But the grass still grows
Highlighting the passage of inconceivable time

Amidst bleakness, growth blooms
Conversations initiated
Self-sufficiency challenged
Internal doubts defied
Priorities evaluated and nurtured
Now students of an unwelcome havoc
Sprouting lessons tackling presumption
Nourishing adaptability

Joeyanne is a recent Western graduate that has been inspired by a changing world and refreshed lens to reflect in more creative outlets. In her spare time, she enjoys the (virtual) company of family and friends over beers and smoothies, though maybe not mixed together.

Social Distanziner - Toronto, ON