Final Note from the Editors 

Thank you for reading issue 3 of Distanziner.

This zine came to life during a time when we needed art and creativity the most and we are incredibly thankful to all of you who contributed and supported the zine to help us bring this light into the world. We hope you enjoyed joining us on this journey, from the first few months of the pandemic to now, the end of 2020. With vaccines starting to roll out around the world, there is reason for hope. Changes are abound. Soon enough all of this, including Distanziner, will be in the past: a distant memory, but remembered. While this is the end of Distanziner for now, we will continue to look for moments of humour and beauty in the world, and we hope you will too. We sincerely hope you the best this holiday season and the start of the new year.


Virginia and Angela

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