Era of the Sagacious

by Jordan Wong
Raleigh, NC

Piercing glint, irresistible, bright, steer me through the night
Endure this present darkness
                        dense air, strange fright
Envelops my senses; a trial indeed yet a thrill all the same
My duty is a game this wood I'm due to tame

Under the shimmer of light no less, herewith my destiny manifests
Joined by others, young and old
            now common is our quest
Fate is here! make good of all that can be seized
One fells the trees, another handles those diseased

The minds of many clever, conquer the most crafty of endeavor
Passionate toil shared by all, bonds robust as ever
Labor through the night, expecting bravely for the day
Fatigued, deem naught to say
          in wistful yearning of first ray

To receive fortune from God’s hand, reap the riches of this land
Construct, stockpile, protect; when others tire, we shall stand
Shelters erected, and
            foodstuffs accounted for
Spears sharpened, vigilant for war
            whichever future lies in store

Committed, carry out as we must
            grind the infidels into dust
Slay for its fulfilment—a cause most righteous and just
Anything less is blasphemy!
            quell heretics by the depth of ocean
True oneness requires full devotion
            to realize events now in motion

Over quarantine, I observe in myself and others, a tendency to ambitiously set our sights on a certain ideal and pursue it relentlessly. All the while remaining unaware of a changing world and how slow we are to adapt to current circumstances.

Jordan is a barista, serial dilettante and pseudo intellectual from North Carolina. He enjoys pwning noobs on Overwatch, geeking to Jung and exploring art of all mediums.

Social Distanziner - Toronto, ON