Editors’ Note

Thank you for joining us for issue 2. A lot has happened in the world since issue 1, and as a publication that encourages all kinds of creative expression, we continue to showcase your reflections on the current state of our world.

As a zine born out of pandemic-era creativity, and you will find pieces in this edition of Distanziner highlighting some of the bleak consequences of COVID: cancelled graduations, job losses, and of course, loneliness. But don’t forget: we are committed to our goal of bringing light to our readers, and many of our pieces showcase inspiring products from this challenging time: taking action to support yourself and the communities around you, growing through the challenges of isolation, and finding light in humour and the beauty of the outside world.

As the world begins to slowly open up, thoughts of isolation may be pushed into the past, but the lessons we’ve learned from it won’t be. We have grown so much stronger because of the challenges that we’ve had to face and the world has grown stronger too. These past weeks have shown what solidarity can look like and even in a world that is in a state of isolation, we can join forces to fight for just causes.

The world may change, but we will grow. And as we grow, the world will change.

Socially distant,

Angela and Virginia

P.S. We are accepting contributions to issue 3 of Distanziner until Sunday August 16 at 11.59 PM. For this upcoming issue, we want you to share your imagined futures. Distanziner has always welcomed BIPOC voices, and we emphasize our commitment to providing opportunities for racialized people, especially Black and Indigenous writers and artists. We look forward to publishing your work in issue 3, send us your contributions here.

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