by Stephanie Li 
London, ON 

A list of things that have brought some semblance of calm to my life.

1.   Incense sticks patiently waiting to be burned.

2.   A candle with notes of citrus, tobacco and cedar (also patiently waiting to be burned).

3.   Foreign-language TV shows and movies that have broadened my understanding of the world.

4.   Making time for leisure reading, specifically Anne Helen Petersen’s book about unruly women.

5.   Eating dim sum from a local Chinese restaurant.

6.   A new brown and blue wool tote bag with navy leather.

7.   Wearing PJs all day during the weekend.

8.   The feeling of having more to say after ending a long video call with friends.

9.   The prospect of having more time for creative writing pursuits.

10.  Listening to music for hours on end and rediscovering Ingrid Michaelson’s “Turn to Stone” in the process. 

11.  Taking deep breaths whenever I feel overwhelmed by a sea of emotions. 

12.  Thinking about the new yoga studio I’m planning to try once all this craziness is over. 

13.  Long conversations with my family about the mysteries of the human body and the need for evidence-based decision making. 

14.  Being grateful for the privilege of working from home. 

15.  Knowing that tomorrow is a new day.

Social Distanziner - Toronto, ON